Friday, 5 September 2014


I had recently gone on a little makeup trip and found some lovely products! 

Starting off with my amazing mascara! You have probably heard of it by now, Urban Decay's 'Perversion' Mascara! 'Bigger, Blacker, Badder Lashes' and it does just that! 
It also as a limited edition come with a sample size of the lash primer called 'Subversion' which makes them stronger and primes them for a more smoother application! I have been quite blessed which naturally long lashes but I find that I am very fussy when it comes to mascara, but this has given me all the love! You must check it out! 

Next I come across the lovely 'Bobbi Brown' I had my eye on this product for a while as I am right next door to the Bobbi counter, I was on the look for a under eye highlighter and was recommended the 'Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightner'. I got the shade 'Porcelain Peach' as I am quite the fair one so that was the right shade for me. 

Last but not least, my first M.A.C purchase! Yes you just read that right my FIRST purchase from M.A.C! 

Where I work I am right opposite the MAC counter and have always been intrigued by the mass of products I never knew where to start with it all! I have always been highly satisfied with all the other brands I get, but recently everyone I know has just said and talked about they're lipsticks! So I had to try one didn't I!? So I was looking for a perfect everyday colour for A/W! I found an amazing shade called 'TWIG' a satin finish which lays beautiful on my lips! 

Here is a weird angle of me wearing it on my lips! So beautiful! I love it!

I award a big fat 10/10 to all the products I got this week! A happy Chelsey! 

Thank you for reading! 
Chelsey x


Thursday, 28 August 2014


I'm ever so sorry that I haven't posted in ages! I've been a busy bee sorting out work and other things! 

As I want to make my blog about mainly products I used for my makeup or makeup looks and what I am loving at the minute ect.. But I haven't got anything specific that I've bought recently that could make it in my blog! Aha! 

So Friday..... A.K.A PAYDAY, I want to invest in a few new products and ofcourse some new pieces for my A/W wardrobe as you guessed it, Summer had gone! I have to be honest I am more of a winter girl! I absolutely love the autumn and winter months! Going to greenwhich park in London, having a hot chocolate, layering your clothes! Ah and so many more! Can't wait to invest in a lovely coat! 

Here is a mood board I created from lovingly Zara!! Popped on the website and Ooooo A/W collection has arrived! 

This grey wooly structured coat is to die for! I know it has a low V neck line but could easily be disguised by a big chunky burgundy snood for days that is ultra chilly! 
If I get my hands on it I'll let you know! I want to film a get ready with me YouTube video themed on an typical autumn day! 

I want to get some lipsticks to go with my A/W look book thinking of the plums, purples and deep burgundy shade or even warm burnt orange/reddish shade would look gorgeous to replicate the leaves falling!
Ah getting excited!! 

So make sure you look out for more exciting blog posts from me, GOLDSHEWEARS and on my YouTube channel, 

Thank you so much!
Chelsey x


Monday, 18 August 2014


Today me and my mum went to Gravesend to get a chest of drawers from a charity shop we saw the other day and thankfully it was still there! Yay! It is this beautiful dark wood, 3 drawer chest of drawers and I just can't wait to paint it an off-white shade and give it another life in my room! I love furniture with a story behind it, literally all my furniture in my room is all second hand! Which I LOVE! 

We came across a lovely tea room near Gravesend indoor market called 'Marie's Tea Room'.

How beautiful is this bone china tea cup! I really wanted to take it with me! I will have to keep searching! 


What a perfect day! 
I love when me and my mum just have time with eachother, we have a great time together!! 

Thanks for reading!!

Chelsey x


Friday, 15 August 2014



So today I went to my uncles house and as I've been buying some second hand furniture for my new room, it was time to paint them. Today was only prepping them, giving them a rub down and base coat! 
Was fun with my boyfriend Sam and uncle! 

I am into Upcycling old furniture! To give them a whole lease of life! 
The bedside tables were this deep red colour which was nice but not in theme with my new room! I am going for a 'French boutique' theme! Can't wait to move in!

My little chest of drawers are vintage from a women I got on a charity shop online! 

All is needed to do is another 2 coats of paint and it will look good! Put the rustic fastenings back on and will look like a perfect jewellery box!

Can't wait to decorate more furniture and finish these off!

Thank you for reading!

Chelsey x


Thursday, 14 August 2014


Today is the day that I have uploaded my first YouTube video! Ahhhh! What a nerve wracking experience that was! I'm glad I have done it at last!!! My channel is called 'Gold She Wears' and will be about my lifestyle, makeup tutorials, fashion look books, cooking , DIYing, and basically everything!! 
Here I am! Can't believe it! 

Subscribe to me and follow my journey!

Chelsey x



So last night I randomly looked up 'what to cook with egg noodles?' As that's a sort of normal thing you do on a Wednesday night! Aha anyway I thought egg noodles are pretty bland and tasteless just on their own so...
'Ta daaaaa' good old BBC Food Recipies gave me some inspiration of this Chinese style stir-fry which didn't contain any meat (woo!) but optional if cooking for more than one person you can add chicken or pork if you liked! 

Ingredients (serves 1)
- egg noodles
- green or red pepper
- frozen peas
- 1 large carrot 
- 2 cloves of garlic 
- half teaspoon ginger seasoning
- soy sauce
- vegetable oil or any oil 

You are well and truly on your way to making this lovely stir-fry!

I would say one thing.. I gave myself a 10/10 for effort as I had never attempted a stir-fry before, and plus thinking of vegetarian meals is still new to me, this meal was still wholesome and healthy with was a bonus!! 

Always room for improvements... more flavourings I think as some areas of my bowl I could taste the garlic and soy sauce and some areas it was just bland egg noodles...

So next time I might marinate the noodles in some sort of sauce or flavouring or such and keep adding more ingredients and see how it improves!

It was delicious for my first go:)

Thanks for reading guys!

Chelsey x


Wednesday, 13 August 2014


My weekend was jammed full of activities, food, laughs, crafts and flying! Literally!! These weekends are the kind of weekends I enjoy! Although can be very tiring but you feel like you have made the most of the weekend, an accomplishment of such! So here goes...

So Friday I was at my boyfriends house and was just one of those days where I wanted to do something creative. I just got one of those urges to make something! But what? Hmm
So I finally thought of something! Yay! Wooden hearts with patterned decorating paper! 

Random but I am recently moving in my new room as my older sister as moved out! Yesssss finally I get a big room! Anyway... so I am gradually buying furniture and little antiques for my room and it is coming together quite nicely, so the wooden hearts are for my bed frame. 
Here is what I bought. All from 'hobby craft'! 3 wooden hearts with a round fastening on the top so I can thread through ribbon and place on my bed frame. 

As you can see I started one of them by simply tearing some of the decoration paper of your choice into small pieces, then placing some tacky glue on the part of your heart and start layering paper and sticking! Simple! They are such a nice and crafty idea for anything! Hang them on the walls, Christmas tree ornaments (oops did I mention The C Word in August!) hehe and other gifts to people! My mum already wants some!! 

Half finished result! Letting them dry! I am eager to do more to fit my bed frame! Will keep you updated when I do:) 
Such fun on a Friday for only a little cost!

So Saturday I had work.. If you don't know already I work for an amazing company called 'Urban Decay'! Know em'? You must do! If you don't where have you been! Anyway so work went well made some lovely ladies up for a BBQ and a lady to try our amazing new launch... PERVERSION MASCARA!
Look at these MAD results!! Absolutely in love with these products!

Basically you apply 'Subversion' first all over the lashes. It is a white primer that primes those lashes and helps separation  to help 'Perversion' mascara to apply evenly on the lashes to create amazing black long lashes! Amazing!!

That evening after finishing work it was time for dinner! Yes food!! 

It was my boyfriend Sam's, Mum and Dads 27th Wedding Anniversary! Aww! So we all celebrated with a few drinks at this lovely pub and then it was time for some yummy Indian cuisine! Yesssss!

This is where we had our meal! Called The Royal Indian. Based in Chislehurst. Was delicious! 

Being a vegetarian I found it very easy to decide..
I had:
STARTERS- Onion bahji
INBETWEEN- Papadoms/Mango Chutney
MAIN- Vegetarian Samosa's with Saag Aloo!

Just YUM!
Enjoyed to the fullest! Tingled my taste buds to a complete T! 

So today was the day.... INDOOR SKYDIVING OMG! Exciting but nerve wracking! 
This activity had been planned for a couple of months for Sam's dads 50th celebrations! All his family and everyone attended this once in a life time experience! And what a great experience it was!

All the gang! 
From L-R
Libby, Me, Sam, Allison, Zoe, Dan, Kelly, Birthday Boy Andy, Shelagh, Sophie and Scott! 

What a brave group we are! 

Hey it's only me!!! Didn't know I could bend like that! Ahah! Was such a fun experience! We got to have 2 sets of 1 minute sessions! Truthfully that was enough time as after I couldn't find my feet!!  

Here's Sam in action! He was real good at it! Show off!! Aha!

What a lovely weekend and enjoyed it to the maxx! 

Hope you had a splendid jammed packed weekend too! 

Chelsey x