Thursday, 28 August 2014


I'm ever so sorry that I haven't posted in ages! I've been a busy bee sorting out work and other things! 

As I want to make my blog about mainly products I used for my makeup or makeup looks and what I am loving at the minute ect.. But I haven't got anything specific that I've bought recently that could make it in my blog! Aha! 

So Friday..... A.K.A PAYDAY, I want to invest in a few new products and ofcourse some new pieces for my A/W wardrobe as you guessed it, Summer had gone! I have to be honest I am more of a winter girl! I absolutely love the autumn and winter months! Going to greenwhich park in London, having a hot chocolate, layering your clothes! Ah and so many more! Can't wait to invest in a lovely coat! 

Here is a mood board I created from lovingly Zara!! Popped on the website and Ooooo A/W collection has arrived! 

This grey wooly structured coat is to die for! I know it has a low V neck line but could easily be disguised by a big chunky burgundy snood for days that is ultra chilly! 
If I get my hands on it I'll let you know! I want to film a get ready with me YouTube video themed on an typical autumn day! 

I want to get some lipsticks to go with my A/W look book thinking of the plums, purples and deep burgundy shade or even warm burnt orange/reddish shade would look gorgeous to replicate the leaves falling!
Ah getting excited!! 

So make sure you look out for more exciting blog posts from me, GOLDSHEWEARS and on my YouTube channel, 

Thank you so much!
Chelsey x


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