Monday, 18 August 2014


Today me and my mum went to Gravesend to get a chest of drawers from a charity shop we saw the other day and thankfully it was still there! Yay! It is this beautiful dark wood, 3 drawer chest of drawers and I just can't wait to paint it an off-white shade and give it another life in my room! I love furniture with a story behind it, literally all my furniture in my room is all second hand! Which I LOVE! 

We came across a lovely tea room near Gravesend indoor market called 'Marie's Tea Room'.

How beautiful is this bone china tea cup! I really wanted to take it with me! I will have to keep searching! 


What a perfect day! 
I love when me and my mum just have time with eachother, we have a great time together!! 

Thanks for reading!!

Chelsey x


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